July 30, 2013


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Sign(s) of the Times: Supreme Court Considers Marraige Equality

March 27, 2013



I suppose it might be obvious where I stand…

March 7, 2013


Originally posted on mathbabe:
I usually don’t talk about feminism per se, because honestly I usually don’t think about it. Thanks to role models like my mom, who was an MIT co-ed in the ’60’s and an original nerd, helping develop the internet at Bolt Beranek and Newman and teaching computer science at UMass Boston, I’ve…

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January 10, 2013


by Emma Lynn Matthews

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Exit Polls = Total Bullshit

November 7, 2012


Ok, we knew that, but here's an article about it anyway...

Best Headline: “The Post-Apocalypse Survival Machine Nerd Farm”

November 6, 2012


The Post-Apocalypse Survival Machine Nerd Farm By Ashlee Vance on November 01, 2012 – Bloomberg Businessweek Jakubowski’s hut anchors a 30-acre compound near Maysville, Mo., full of wooden shacks, yurts, work sheds, flapping laundry, clucking chickens, and a collection of black and strange-looking machinery. A dozen or so people in their twenties, none of whom […]

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10 years after 9/11: Rampant Paranoia

September 9, 2011



Images of where I was and the people around me and their experiences of it are seared into my mind. It's deeply troubling.


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