A Sprawl of Cemeteries | Jim Culleny @ 3QD

Posted on June 7, 2011


    A Sprawl of Cemeteries

    Blood for blood is in our bones
    the bass line of a perpetual requiem

    Justice says carpe diem
    to sooth the killed. As expected
    the living hoot and gloat, or wail
    asking Why did it have to be him?

    Why other arrangements
    have not been made
    in the leaves of good books
    so that blood and honor are not wound
    as they are in the syntax and squalls
    of scripture and the cyclones
    of our double helix is anybody’s guess

    Why is left to be mulled
    by simple folk who think that
    death for death yields no more
    than a sprawl of cemeteries

    by Jim Culleny, 5/2/11

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