Posted on March 7, 2013


my thoughts exactly. EXCEPT, coming from a working class family, I’d say the biggest trouble with feminism right now is not just this crap, but also that working class woman are basically ignored as ‘yes, clearly, that needs to be fixed, but anyway…” NO, ACTUALLY, THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO FIX, NOT ANYWAY, RIGHT NOW. Why is no one reading your terribly intelligent and witty column? Because you have no idea what struggle is. Why are the women feminist writers well-educated, privileged white women? No one cares. We have real life to deal with.


I usually don’t talk about feminism per se, because honestly I usually don’t think about it. Thanks to role models like my mom, who was an MIT co-ed in the ’60’s and an original nerd, helping develop the internet at Bolt Beranek and Newman and teaching computer science at UMass Boston, I’ve never for one second doubted my personal right to be a thoughtful, argumentative, and ambitious woman. I learned from my mom, and from other trailblazers, that I can pursue my personal interests and trust that the world will welcome my contributions.

Two events in the past week have made me think about how confusing this message has become for today’s growing girls, however.

First, the Sheryl Sandberg thing. To be honest, I haven’t read the book. But I have read this Washington Post article describing the book, and here’s my take on it: a corporate branding…

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