She Is a Dog Fighting

She goes to bed crying
Socialist revolutionary, her regime
Wakes up every morning
King, Queen, and Parliament; still corrupt

She knows she has it good
Communist insider of Polagarcy
But has nothing to give
Subsidizing all of the water and the crops

She thinks she dies slowly
Fire sparks the populist uprising
Feels the napalm on her skin
Sending in the troops

    (and the women and the children, too)

She finds herself sleeping
Brainwashing the media elite
Pushes up against the world
Sucking from the government teet

She feels herself fading
Military militia guards
Almost as if she’s waiting
Another day to turn to blood

She is a dog fighting
Broken hearted Champion of the working poor
She is a dog dying
Cheering protesters adore

    By Emma Matthews

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